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What does a balanced lifestyle mean to us at Mëda Swim? It doesn’t just entail one or two key things or a blueprint to follow. A balanced lifestyle and therefore, in our minds, a healthy one involves just what the name suggest, balance! Or as the old saying goes, “Everything in moderation, especially moderation!” ;)

What we have found that has worked best for us, is a lifestyle without harsh restrictions.

Back in the day, I used to be a notorious yo-yo dieter with a side of eating disorder to boot. I would place all these harsh restrictions on my eating which would then lead to this overwhelming desire to binge on the foods I had been restricting (and then purge!). It was extremely unhealthy and although, at times, I was very thin, I still hated my body. It didn’t feel strong and healthy. I felt weak. I felt drained.

Fast forward to present day! Wow! Have things ever changed. Over many years I’ve learned what balance really was and realized what my perfect lifestyle entailed. Everyone’s balanced lifestyle will not look the same.

For me a balanced lifestyle is beer, pizza and ice cream when the mood strikes me, but maintaining a mostly vegan diet the other times. Balance means strengthening and healing my body with yoga, hiking and snowboarding, but also indulging in days spent drinking beers on the beach. Balance for me is fuelling my spirit in nature and through meditation, but really enjoying a crappy rom-com every now and then ;)

You may read the things I described above and think… “That sounds terrible! I hate beer!” (There is always wine)… and that’s fine! Your balanced lifestyle might look NOTHING like mine, but that’s going to have to be something you figure out on your own. Over the course of my life, these are the combination of things that I found have fueled my body and spirit in perfect harmony. Since I have become happy with my lifestyle my overall happiness, appearance and disposition have improved.

It’s time for you to find your perfect lifestyle. Your balanced life. How do you find that, you may say? Well, a good starting point is to take your focus away from strictly physical changes. That is all I used to focus on and it didn’t really get me anywhere, I still hated myself even when I was at my smallest. It’s time to listen to your body, it will tell you what you need (and don’t need). It may take you a long time to figure out how to live a balanced lifestyle, but it is so important.

A final note on this topic: a great place to start to figure out what your body and mind needs is meditation. 10-20 mins a day in a quiet space will serve you well!

Good luck and lots of love xoxoxo