Sisters, Omeda and Anna grew up very close and often mimicked what one another did; how they dressed, what they ate, sports played, role models, music - you name it. The media became more and more of an influence in their lives. Throughout middle and high school, they constantly strived for the image that was portrayed as 'ideal' by the media. Only seeing one body type portrayed in the media for a very long time, they had unrealistic expectations set for their bodies, leading to unhealthy lifestyles. 

Eventually, both sisters started on a path of acceptance. Their once drastic diets changed into healthier eating habits without restrictions of what they love to eat. Their exhausting workouts changed into activities that helped heal their body and minds. They connected with nature more and practiced yoga. 

Once they realized the connection between mental happiness and physical happiness, everything fell into place. A weight was alleviated and a balanced lifestyle was born.

Through this path both realized that the portrayal of different healthy body types in the media was something they wanted to be apart of. Healthy comes in all shapes and sizes and everyone needs to see that portrayed in media. All of their models are women they know that lead healthy, balanced and active lifestyles. They are mothers, friends, mentors. They are real.

"We believe everyone has something amazing about their body and we want to celebrate that or help you discover it!"